This Site No Longer Available - Site Closed.

The support we provide in these hard time are real hard cost for us, but we feel we all have to do what we can. But it is important that we all are honest and work together to support the whole community. And we choose to support the companies that have the best interest of us all.

Under our management, this site gets in excess of 3000 visits a month. We are proud of our effort to help these service workers to stay employed and stable in hard times. We wish you all the best and let us know if we can do anything to help.

We Love and Care for every Service Industry worker and that is why we have dedicated our investment in each of our clients. We are Sorry for the situation and hope to re-engage soon.

We support and have provided services for many service industry clients during the COVID-19 Crisis. We rely on open and honest communication on the financial and situational realities of each business. Our investment in these businesses is based on long-term relationships that we value beyond day to day or month to month. But when lack of payment along with lack of communications persists we are compelled to limit our investment in their future. At this time we have not received responses to our continued request for information. We know this business remains able to be open and drive revenue, which might be limited, but have heard nothing from them. We have many clients that are forced to close with no revenue - so we chose to focus our investment on them and clients that communicate their situation. So for now this site is closed. We wish all small businesses the best in this time and are here to support the best of them.

Stay safe. Be Strong. And work together.